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Our team offers every client all the real estate services before, during and after purchase the property in Turkey.

We are ready to suggest you Inspection trip in order to make up your choice about the property you want to buy. If you haven’t booked a full package with flights, transfers and accommodation we can help you with hotel reservations and transfers.

Global royal group will help you with all legal questions, full information about the area and the related properties, viewing the properties, discussing the sales contract and payment plan, obtaining a tax number, setting up a bank account etc. If necessary, we are ready to provide a certified official translator.

We will represent interests of the buyer in relationship with the seller and public authorities.

After the purchase Global royal group offers you a Service package (200€ annually):

We suggest you a service package included everything you and your guests may need during your staying in Turkey.   

  1. Organizing transfers from / to the airport.
  2. Paying all the utility bills such as electricity, water and telephone and property tax on your behalf.
  3. Dealing with insurance company in order to organize insuarance of your apartment.
  4. Helping to buy furniture, technics and other things for your apartment.
  5. Helping in communication with any companies and workers making service for your apartment (plumbers,electricians,painters,etc.).
  6. Cleaning service for your apartment.
  7. Monthly routine security checks of your property.
  8. Rent a car services.
  9. Car buying assistance.
  10. Organization of your holiday, excursions, trips.

Client will pay all the costs according the existing market prices of above services.

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